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The artistic landscape never remains static. Each year, new talents emerge that revolutionize and enrich the scene. In 2023, the art world has witnessed the rise of artists who, with their own visions and techniques, have begun to capture global attention. Below, we take you on a deep dive into this artistic renaissance.

What it means to be an “emerging artist” in 2023

The term “emerging artist” refers to those in the early stages of their career but show significant potential in terms of originality, proposal, and technique. More than a reference to their age, it is an indication of their position and recognition in the art world. In 2023, with the influence of social media and digital platforms, many emerging artists have found new ways to share and spread their work, reaching globalized audiences and receiving real-time feedback.

Emerging artists redefining art

Valeria Gómez

Valeria, of Colombian origin, has gained notoriety for her murals that fuse traditional folklore with a contemporary approach. Each brushstroke is a tribute to the roots and cultural diversity of Latin America. Her works, which have adorned streets from Bogotá to galleries in Madrid, testify to the region’s rich cultural history and living heritage.

Ravi Mishra

Ravi, a prodigy of digital art from India, has brought to art a futuristic vision influenced by the intersection of technology and humanity. His works, often laden with symbolism, address the relationship between tradition and modernity, the tangible and the digital, humanity and machine.

Lila Dubois

From Paris, Lila has revolutionized sculpture with her creations using recycled materials. Each piece serves as a reminder of the human impact on the planet and the possibility of finding beauty in reuse and recycling.

Mario Sánchez

Emerging from the vibrant artistic scene of Mexico, Mario has taken abstract art to new dimensions. Using a bold color palette and geometric shapes, he manages to convey intense emotions, from calmness to chaos.

Amara Keo

Amara, native to Cambodia, combines traditional Khmer painting techniques with contemporary influences, creating works that tell stories of her nation’s past and present.

Prevailing themes and techniques

Art has always been a reflection of its time, and in 2023, artistic trends have revolved around current issues and revolutionary techniques.

  • Digital Realism: The fusion of traditional painting techniques with digital tools has created hyper-realistic images that blur the line between reality and fiction.
  • Eco-conscious Art: In response to the growing climate crisis, many artists have adopted sustainable approaches, using recycled materials and creating works that address environmental themes.
  • Interaction and Experiential Art: Exhibitions in 2023 have favored interactive works that invite the public to be part of the artistic experience, be it through virtual reality, tactile installations, or sound art.
  • Return to the Traditional: In contrast to the digital world, some artists have returned to traditional techniques, finding new ways to explore old media like engraving, ceramics, or calligraphy.

The impact of technology and social media

Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and ArtStation have democratized art, offering emerging artists a space to share their work with a global audience. The ability to receive instant feedback has influenced the rapid evolution of their styles and techniques. Moreover, virtual galleries and online exhibitions have gained importance, allowing art to transcend physical boundaries and reach previously inaccessible corners of the world.


2023 has been a year of redefinition in the art world. Emerging artists, armed with new tools, techniques, and perspectives, are pushing art to new frontiers and challenging traditional conceptions. It is an exciting time to be a viewer, collector, or creator, and there is no doubt that these artists will continue to impact and enrich the artistic landscape in the coming years.