Cheetos 2


Pop art emerges in the middle of the 50s from the mundane mass design that today is not so far away. However, I consider a bag of cheetos as attractive as any classic object.
My brushstrokes are fast, loaded with impasto, accentuating the effect and giving more character of cheetos.
The warm chromatic range in the central elements gives us the feeling of being wanted.

This painting is shipped stretched on a white cardboard support.

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Sizes: 56,5 cm x 71 cm with white cardboard support

A unique work of art accompanied by an “Olga Guarch Andreu” certificate of authenticity.
Photograph by Cristina Perez Rueda @perezrueda_.

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December 2021


Denim canvas


56,5 cm x 71 cm with white cardboard suppor



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Cardboard Support