Billie Ellish the pirate


Ticket by ticket, I create a collage from Barcelona subway tickets to use as a background. As an unlicensed pirate, I incorporate some iconographic elements from Billie Ellish’s songs, which convey the uniqueness of her messages—depression, activism, and mental health, among others. Undoubtedly, the close-up of her face captures our gaze with its angelic blue eyes, while her white complexion evokes the innocent freshness of her youth. Considered one of the promises of pop and the voice of a generation, her intimate music, with minimalist undertones, caresses my soul, awakening synaesthesia and shy rebellious hues for my senses.

This painting is ready to hang and shipped on a wooden board.

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Sizes: 49 cm x 34,5 cm

A unique work of art accompanied by an “Olga Guarch Andreu” certificate

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February 2023


BCN subways tickets over wood


49 cm x 34,5 cm


Market pen

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Wooden board