Judit and Holofernes, on denim


Restless to discover and walk in the ins and outs of Gustav Klimt’s work, I have focused on the work of Judit and Holofernes.
Judit, turned into a heroine, stands as a symbol of justice, temperance and firmness as well as a prototype of the femme fatale.
I have versioned a fragment with short and agile brushstrokes to build the face, faithful to the color palette, I discovered new nuances that stimulated my mind.
Judit looks directly at us with a lascivious and sensual face.
I did interpret the decorative elements so characteristic Klimt’s work with sashiko embroidery, thus creating texture.

This painting is shipped stretched on a white cardboard support.

About the collection

Sizes: 74 cm x 70 cm with white cardboard support

A unique work of art accompanied by an “Olga Guarch Andreu” certificate of authenticity.
Photograph by Cristina Perez Rueda @perezrueda_.

Additional information


December 2021


Denim canvas


74 cm x 70 cm with white cardboard suppor


Oil / Sashiko embroidery

Shipping method

Cardboard Support