Purple rain


On a methacrylate support, I transform the faces, creating a poetic aura that enhances their character with reflective and mature brushstrokes. The transparency lends a visionary nuance, the gold leaf adds a sublime and subtle touch, and the various shades of purple evoke the creativity and spirituality of Prince. Today, I recall one of his quotes: ‘I had a gigantic ego (when I was young), gigantic. But actually, that’s not so bad because, at least, it means you aspire to be something, you consider yourself great because you want to be great.

This painting is ready to hang and shipped methacrylate base with wooden stand.

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Sizes: 59,4 cm x 42 cm

A unique work of art accompanied by an “Olga Guarch Andreu” certificate

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December 2022




59,4 cm x 42 cm


Oil/ goden leaf

Shipping method

Methacrylate base with wooden stand