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Satirical illustrators

A satirical illustrator is an artist that uses art to criticize the society we live in. In the contemporary world, our existence is based on neo-capitalist dynamics, which can be considered our biggest enemy since it’s the main generator of injustice and cruelty we are so used to.

These artists are not all of the existent illustrators, it’s just a small compilation with a few of them and some of their drawings. They try to reflect the world we live in through simple (or not) pictures. All of the art acts as a social critic and they carry strong meaning.

That said, I believe it’s important to add a couple of critics of myself, which is oriented on the difficulty of founding women cartoonists throughout the internet right now. I have found more than 20 male satirical artists in less than 15 minutes, but it took me a lot more time to find women artists. I believe that even though it’s not directly related to this article, it’s important to remember that this is also an issue to consider while we go through this list.

So this compilation is also made with the intention of giving the recognition and facility to encounter these women online, equally with their peers. The same happens with the origin of the artists. In this compilation, you will encounter artists from around the world who criticize not only the relationship between a person and system but also the relationship between domination amongst people.


  • John Holcroft (England)

    British illustrator who has his particular style inspired in the 50s adds.  He talks about greed, social issues, and people’s behavior.



  • Lena Merhej (Lebanon)Lena is a storyteller. Her black and white pictures show us the crudity of the world towards her community.


  • Signe Wilkinson (USA)

    She is one of the most famous illustrators in the world and the only woman whose work has been distributed by an important union.  Her career started a long ago and she has developed a unique style.





  • Asaf Hanuka (Israel)

    He is a comic illustrator. He works with his twin brother, Tomer Hanuka.




  • Sako Asko (Colombia)

    His illustrations are inspired by different literature but mostly he is influenced by psychology and psychoanalytic works to explain how he sees the world. His sarcasm is combined with slight cruelty and irony.

  • Roz Chast (USA)

    She is a famous illustrator from the New Yorker, one of the most recognized satirical journals. Since 1978 she has published more than 800 animated pictures.


  • Steve Cutts (England)

The title of his works talks by itself: Happiness, capitalism, and the idiotization of society as a strategy of domination. He satirizes the excess of our modern society. His work is inspired by the 1920 art.


Also, Steve Cutts has made a critical animation on Youtube where he explains the relationship the modern man:


  • Flavita Banana (Spain)She is a Spanish illustrator that with a few lines shows us the hypocrisy of the world. Her work talks about problematic issues around feminism, migration, and capitalism.




  • Pawer Tkaczyk ( Polonia)

    A critic to modern society and injustice.

  • Ali Dilem (Algeria)

    For his illustrations, he has been condemned to prison and has had to pay a fee, since he was criticizing the president.



  • Tetsuya Ishida (Japan)

    He shows the crudity of the education of the Japanese society he grew up in. He speaks about the monopolization of your existence from the day you are born till the day you die.

  • Doaa Eladl (Egypt)

    She talks about political and feminist issues. A lot of her work shows the problems related to female genital mutilation.