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The advance of technology in the last decades has allowed what was unthinkable before: information within everyone’s reach. Music and video platforms, web search engines, among other tools, have been fundamental to reach people. Given this context and the need to communicate, teaching art on YouTube has fortunately not been the exception. The fact is, that understanding art, is also understanding the history, society, culture and customs of each era. Therefore, many experts on the subject offer their knowledge through interactive videos that can be accessed by people around the world freely and free of charge.


¿Why learn about art?


It is important to understand that art always arises in a specific context, and as such, it absorbs and expresses the cultural elements of an era. Therefore, learning about art is to foster a collective awareness of the history and identity of individuals belonging to a society at a given time.

On the other hand, education in art provides a great number of benefits such as the incorporation of alternative thoughts, promotes creativity and intellectual abilities of people, collaborates with the appreciation of cultural diversity, develops social qualities such as empathy, tolerance, respect, among others.

Therefore, we can say that learning art is fundamental to everyday life, that’s why teaching art on YouTube, became such an important tool.


The most popular art popularizers on YouTube



This artist, born in Barcelona, looks for with his absurd art, to change the paradigms of the world and question what we believe to be rational. He himself has called “confused movement” the type of art he makes. All of his works that lack sense, linked a bit to surrealism, highlight the artist among others. RallitoX has his channel on YouTube where he invites his followers to question the popularly established, invites other artists to participate in his videos, talks about movements or works giving his opinion about them, offers advice on how to make a living from art, among an infinite number of other topics. 


Rafael López Borrego

He holds a degree in art history from the University of Salamanca. His main jobs have been teaching and cultural management. He has also written books related to art, aesthetics and art theory. And he is currently teaching art on YouTube, touching on topics such as the different artistic movements that exist, how a work should be observed or about how art should be perceived, he also talks about aesthetics and contemporary art, receiving more than 100,000 monthly views.


Fernando Castro

Philosopher, art critic and professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He has published more than 50 books and has collaborated with art magazines writing articles of interest. In his YouTube channel he offers videos dedicated to his specialty: art criticism. In addition, he makes recommendations of books with their corresponding analysis of his own authorship.


Antonio García Villarán

The plastic artist accumulates 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His irreverent and funny style, together with his polemic criticisms, attracts the attention of even those who are not so close to art. Born in Seville and with a PhD in Fine Arts, this specialist in plastic art and writer, breaks the structure and combines his great knowledge with his outstanding humor, which grant him the virality of his videos.


In short, receiving with open arms the tools offered by technology gives us the possibility of incorporating knowledge that we would not have obtained otherwise. And this is what these artists did. They took the web platforms as their own and started teaching art on YouTube.