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Buying art today is not a simple task due to the large number of platforms that offer works.

But the offer is so wide in the different platforms that can be found on the Internet, and it is inevitable to fear making a mistake because differentiating which pieces have an objective value and which will be revalued is not an easy task.

Why buy in the art market?

On the other hand, what is substantially easier is to ask for a certificate of authentication, since both old and current work must have it. In addition, knowing the artist and his biography will provide greater knowledge and security when deciding whether or not to buy the work. The opinion of an expert can also be used to decide which work would best suit the buyer, or to verify its authenticity.

Art galleries and auction houses have certain experts to authenticate the works. The same happens at fairs, where a committee of experts oversees the pieces on display. This helps to build reputation. So it is easier to invest and make a safe purchase in this type of establishment.

Buying in the art market is to go beyond the simple acquisition of conventional pieces made in series. Art intrinsically reflects what we seek to manifest from within ourselves through our tastes. Thus, placing works of art in our home, office or favorite places, will not only allow you to feel comfortable, but also identify with the environment around you.

The Spanish market is at a standstill, institutions are not buying and the individuals who were buying in the eighties have retired and have left no heirs. The Spanish gallery system is not able to provide an outlet for the work of artists and buying Spanish art as an investment is a ruin.

Main channels for buying and selling art

The art market has been influenced by the changes that the general buying and selling market has undergone. Who would have thought twenty years ago that the works of an artist could be seen for the first time on a social network or purchased on the artist’s own website.

Online platforms

Online platforms have revolutionized the way art is exhibited as they provide endless opportunities for young artists who are not yet known. In addition, content can go viral and reach a wider international audience.

It has made it easier for artists to offer our work to a huge market inside and outside Spain, overcoming the obvious limitation of location that physical art galleries have.

Traditional channels

Traditional buying is still alive and well, and art galleries are the pinnacle of a generation of buyers and sellers who take the risk of working in what they are passionate about.

Art galleries and auction houses offer unique pieces, exhibit editions or complete collections with the advantage of being able to see the art in detail before acquiring it.

“It is true that it is above all a problem of mentality. This should be changed from the basis of education, to make society understand that the purchase and promotion of art is something that benefits us all as a society and improves us as human beings”. Rocío Rodríguez, founder of the art gallery ROR Art Experience